The latest hot spot for DayNa Decker – the Westhouse Hotel New York.

DayNa Decker is delighted to partner with Westhouse and offer luxurious amenities.

The sense of 1920s glamour and exquisite detail

Expect an inviting atmosphere mirrored on an elegant residence – a hotel for the sophisticated traveler who expects the highest level of services and amenities.

Westhouse Hotel New York derives inspiration from a bygone era of social, artistic and cultural spirit. The boldness of Art Deco. The passion for interior design and couture. A striking sense of modernity. The indulgence of all that is fine, sophisticated and luxurious.

We particularly love the sense of 1920s glamour – with exquisite details including wall-to-wall eucalyptus wood with polished nickel inlays, large crystal chandeliers, custom antique keys and ornate metal handrails. The stunning artwork and images are inspired by Carnegie Hall and the mystique of the Gilded Age.

Westhouse Hotel New York is in the heart of midtown Manhattan, near Central Park. It’s our new favorite base for exploring one of our favorite cities.