Find Your Inner Ohm

pay to get homework done

pay to get homework done

Amidst the daily chaos of being a mother, wife, entrepreneur and balancing all that is in between -- yoga and meditation has been essential to my daily routine. Every morning I relieve my mind and let go for a few moments before the day gets away. From stretching and connecting to your body, to centering your mind and becoming more aware, yoga allows me to thrive. Paired with the healing power of meditation, you'll be ready to take on any road blocks you may have.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite yoga accessories to aid you in your practice.

Favorite mat: La Vie Boheme

Favorite clothing to wear: ALO Yoga

Favorite type of yoga: Bikram, Kundalini

Favorite music during yoga: Pandora's Buddha Bar

Anything else you want your readers to know about? Meditation