Entertaining with Friends

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One of my favorite ways to let loose and reconnect to myself? Getting together with girlfriends!

It's always refreshing to look into a mirror that will always give a truthful response and honest feedback... and friends do just that.  I love having my closest ones over to my own, personal sanctuary to share our latest stories, wellness secrets, holistic recipes, jokes (you name it!) and just sit back and relax from our hectic lifestyles. Friends are a fresh perspective!

Not only is being around your best girlfriends fun, studies show that socializing and laughing it up with friends can cut memory loss in half, boost your activity and can help with balancing and managing that hectic lifestyle. Sometimes it can get difficult to make time in your schedule to catch up with friends, but once you do, you wonder why it ever was!

What's your favorite local spot to catch up with your GFs? Do you have any special traditions when you see each other? We want to hear them!

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