Daily Dose of Greens

pay to get homework done

pay to get homework done

Greens are an essential part of my daily routine and keep me in a steady rhythm throughout the day. There's nothing like the crisp, organic and fresh taste of a juice. I love the constant change and combinations of fresh ingredients depending on what's in season at the moment.  I've always loved eating from local farmer's markets, not only to support local farms, but to get the most nutrition out of your veggies. The shorter the time it takes for your greens to hit your table, the more nutrients and flavor they'll be packed with!

The DayNa Decker brand has always reflected sustainability and eco-friendly products - a type of lifestyle that translates to what gets put on my dinner table for my family every night. A local, sustainable meal that promotes wellness, the environment, local economy and knowing exactly where it was grown!

We'll be sharing our favorite juice, smoothie and food recipes of the moment as well as our favorite farmer's markets and local spots to hit. Below is our latest juice obsession!

•bunch of kale, handful of fennel, 1 big red beet, 1 chunk of pineapple, 1 apple, squeeze of lemon, tumeric

Secret ingredient: add in some overnight soaked chia seeds for an extra boost of antioxidants