Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Chandel®?
The Chandel® is an evolution from ancient candle technology and is an innovation in modern ambiance. The Chandel® offers a symbiotic relationship between all of its artfully crafted components giving the user a multi-sensory experience.

2. What is the EcoWood Wick®?
The EcoWood Wick® is a patented technology created by DayNa Decker®.
Made from organic wood via a natural manufacturing process, the EcoWood Wick® burns cleaner than an ordinary cotton wick. When lit, the EcoWood Wick® a soothing crackling sound.

3. What is the wax made from?
Our proprietary wax blends are designed to be as ecologically friendly as possible. The creamy wax is made from a natural blend of oils and resins. The opaque wax is a soy and palm blend.

4. What is the burn time of a Chandel®?
The burn time varies depending on the size of the Chandel®. The 16oz Chandel® burns for up to 80 hrs, the 6oz up to 40 hrs, and the 3oz up to 25 hrs.

5. How do I maintain the Chandel®?
The Chandel® is maintained by trimming the wick after each burn cycle after the wax is firm and cooled. To trim, simply use your fingers to snap off and remove the burnt top of the wick. The wick should automatically candle as this may affect the function of the wick.

6. Some of the fragrances are faint. Do they have a stronger release when in use?
Each fragrance is comprised of base, middle and top notes and is designed to reach its full potential while in use. All of our products are generously fragranced with 10-20% complex fragrance notes compared to an industry standard of 5-10%.

7. How do I maintain a diffuser?
DayNa Decker® diffusers release a throw from 500-1000 square feet. To maintain the diffuser, simply pour half of the 16oz diffuser oil into the vessel. Place the reed sticks in the vessel and let them soak up the oil for a couple hours and then flip the sticks. Refresh the fragrance every two weeks by simply flipping the sticks.

8. What are the Luminesse Sculptures made from?
DayNa Decker® Luminesse Sculptures feature a unique and revolutionary wick system designed to captivate your senses. The modern sculpture, tantalizing flame and botanically based fragrance will transform your environment.

9. What is Luminesse Oil?
Luminesse Oil is pure plant derived fragranced lamp oil – a complementary synthesis of nature and science and an environmentally sensible alternative. Designed to work especially with our proprietary wick system, the oil is clean-burning, water soluble and free of benzene, acetone or other toxic chemicals found in petroleum-based oils.

10. Where are the products manufactured?
DayNa Decker products are proudly manufactured in the USA and distributed from Los Angeles, California.

Bath & Body Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Bath & Body?
DayNa noticed a lack of luxurious, natural and eco-friendly bath & body offer body products that incorporated our cult-followed fragrances.

2. What beneficial properties are in the Essence Cleanser?
The Essence Cleanser is a lather-rich formula fortified with our proprietary MultiActive Wood Complex and fruit enzymes that nourish the skin. Birch Bark Extract, a natural antibacterial, deep cleans and purifies the skin while Vitamin E and Enzogenol protect, moisturize and replenish.

3. What beneficial properties are in the Essence Moisturizer?
The Essence Moisturizer is an emollient-rich formula fortified with our proprietary MultiActive Wood Complex that stimulate skin cell renewal and protect from free-radical damage. Argan Oil and Marula Oil work to improve elasticity while Bamboo Sap and Vitamin A lock in intense hydration for radiant silky smooth skin. A proprietary blend, the MultiActive Wood Complex is formulated to rapidly absorb into skin. The natural wood extracts aid in tone and texture while natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties cleanse and revitalize the skin from the inside out.

5. What makes the collection natural?
DayNa Decker Bath & Body products are animal friendly, environmentally kind and free from: parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, glycols, petrolatum, DEA, TEA, synthetic colors and phthalates. We richly infuse our formulations using our renowned fragrances and natural ingredients such as; Argan Oil, Marula Oil, Ezogenol and flower and plant extracts.

6. Why is the moisturizer clear?
An innovation in skincare, the Botanika Moisturizer is emollient-rich and absorbs quickly into skin. The sheer moisturizer mirrors the lucidity of a lush fountain.

7. What is in the Essence Spray?
Fragrance essences, Organic Alcohol and an aqueous infusion of Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extracts to soothe and refresh the skin.

8. Can the Essence Spray be used on fabrics or environment?
Yes, Essence Spray can be used to fragrance the skin as well as enhance your environment, linens and other fabrics.

9. What makes Organic Alcohol better than regular Alcohol?
Organic Alcohol undergoes a high-grade distillation process using organic ingredients and is free from other chemical substances. Organic Alcohol, when sprayed on skin or other fabrics, evaporates without leaving a residual alcohol smell.

10. How long will the products last?
Once opened, the Bath & Body products remain active & effective for 2 years.

11. Is the packaging eco?
The Essence Moisturizer and Cleanser are made from PETE, a recyclable plastic. The Essence Spray is made from recyclable glass. The packaging is made from 30% post-consumer waste and is recyclable.