As a leader in home ambiance and body care, we truly care about the environment and responsibility of our Earth. In making decisions for our company at all levels of business we are very conscious of the environmental impact. Our formulations use the highest quality of natural ingredients available, and our approach is to minimize our effects by making sure our vendors are also supportive of these important issues and continue to create sustainable manufacturing. Balanced with our natural formulations, our primary and secondary packaging is composed of recyclable post consumer waste and innovative materials that have less impact with a luxurious aesthetic. Our interoffice is committed to using the most feasible green practices through a paperless system, recycling program, and daily actions. The DayNa Decker distribution center works just as efficient in using a “less is more” philosophy and eco packing materials for shipping. DayNa Decker supports philanthropy in education, environmental issues, HIV, AIDS and cancer research.